Inman Aligner

The speedy front-teeth straightener that's revolutionising orthodontics.

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The Name To Remember For Fast Straightening

The Inman Aligner could be the solution if you just want to straighten the teeth that show when you smile and you don’t have the time to spend waiting around for treatment.

This removable appliance is way in front of other orthodontic options for quickness and satisfaction taking just 1-3 months to work its magic.

These are some of the reasons why dental experts say the Inman Aligner is an innovation in straightening technology.

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How They Work

The Inman Aligner uses two discreet, spring-loaded bars to put light straightening pressure on the front teeth.

We’ll set out by producing an impression of your mouth to help produce your special custom-fit aligner. Around a week later, you will be able to pop back into Ivory Dental to have it fitted. We might need to smooth out a few of your front teeth to help the aligner feel more comfortable but there’s no need to be concerned– it’s a totally simple procedure.

With your aligner fitted in place, you’ll need to revisit the clinic around once every two weeks so our technicians can correct the aligner and make sure the procedure is advancing as intended.

In around 4-16 weeks from your initial fitting, you can say goodbye to the aligner for good and enjoy a straighter smile. Our team will fit a small, super-discreet retainer behind the front teeth to ensure they remain in their improved position.

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