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A One-Day Fix for Missing Teeth and Loose Dentures

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Implants in a Single Day

The stress and upset of missing teeth and loose dentures can bring enough despair to last a lifetime.

But what if you could reclaim your old life back in one day? Same Day Teeth, sometimes referred to as All-On-Four implants help you replace teeth using a fixed, natural-looking alternative.

This method features a fast-healing dental implant which lets you step into the practice in the morning and leave with new teeth just in time for lunch.

The technique is a speedy, simple method to repair self-confidence, lost to missing teeth. It’s no wonder patients talk about Same Day Teeth as a life-changing remedy.

Case studies

Andrew`s Before & After

Gary`s Before & After

How They Work

Same Day Teeth use a range of titanium grips in the jawbone to fix teeth in place for good, just like ordinary dental implants.

Where regular dental implants use to eight anchor points, Same Day Teeth only require four– and this creates a much faster recovery time.

If you know that Same Day Teeth or All-On-Four implants are the solution for you, we’ll start by getting an X-Ray of your jaw to ensure it’s healthy enough to accept a dental implant.

It only takes a few hours to insert the implants. Even better, it’s a simple and easy treatment completed under local anaesthetic. Within just a short time of leaving the practice you can quickly go back to enjoying your newly found confidence, smiling and of course, eating what you love again.

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