Teeth Whitening

The finishing touch to smile perfection.

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Three Ways to Whiter, Brighter, Lighter Shades

If you’ve tried one of our fabulous cosmetic procedures or you’d like to finish off a winning smile with a whiter, brighter shade, our teeth whitening treatments have you covered.

The Ivory Dental range features some of the most effective whiteners available, including safe applications you can carry out from the comfort of your living room.

And for a true Hollywood smile, our in-clinic options produce incredible results in as little as an hour.

Case studies

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Jo`s Before & Afters

Our Treatments

Home Whitening
Don’t feel like spending time in the chair? Leave it to our labs to create a custom mouthguard for you to whiten at home. Our take-home kits can be worn while pottering around the house or while you sleep, producing amazing results in just two weeks.

Philips Zoom! Whitening
When you don’t have two weeks to spare for whitening at home, Zoom! treatment by Philips gets the job done in an hour. We carry out the treatment in the clinic, where we can use a higher concentration of power whitener for instant smile sparkle.

Whitewash Professional Whitening Strips
For cost-effective whitening, Whitewash Professional Whitening Strips are moldable plastic strips containing just the right amount of bleaching gel to get great results. Each pack contains 28 strips to be used over 7-14 days, producing a noticeably brighter smile in just three days.