Natural-looking, cost-effective treatment when teeth are missing.

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Bridge the Gap Between Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost a few teeth or just one and don’t want dentures or implants, a bridge is a fantastically natural gap-filler that doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

A bridge looks just like a real tooth, or row of teeth. Just like crowns, they’re produced from porcelain and precisely colour matched to neighbouring teeth. To keep them in place, bridges are fixed to the teeth either side of the gap.

We’ve plenty of options and materials on offer, with bridges to suit every budget.

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How They Work

Come and see us for a free consultation and we’ll let you know if bridges could be right for you. We’ll also talk you through the choices and let you know about the different materials on offer.

We’ll start by reshaping the teeth either side of the gap to make sure they’re up to the job of supporting their new neighbour. Then we’ll take an impression of your mouth to help us get a comfortable fit.

Next, we’ll fit your bridge. We may give you a temporary one until the real thing is made in our lab. A few quick follow-up appointments are all it takes to replace the temporary bridge with its permanent replacement and adjust until you’re comfortable.

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