Six Month Smiles

Our discrete fixed brace straightens in less time than it takes to plan a wedding.

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Countdown to Straightening Success

Good things come to those who wait. But what if you don’t have ages to hang around while braces work their magic?

Say hello to Six Month Smiles.

The sheer speed of these fast-acting straighteners makes them fantastic for looking your absolute best at any upcoming big occasion.

It’s no wonder they’re among our most popular straighteners.

Case studies

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How They Work

Six Month Smiles aren’t all that much different from the traditional braces you’ve probably seen before. But a few ingenious design features make them far better at getting to work quicker without being overkill on looks.

They’re made from clear and tooth-coloured plastic, with no metal parts, and work by exerting gentle pressure on just the front teeth which show when you’re happy. This means they work much faster than ordinary braces.

When starting treatment, our dentist will take a cast of your mouth and send it to the guys at Six Months Smiles to make a custom brace. Once fitted, all you have to do is pop back to Ivory Dental each month for a quick adjustment.

The clue to treatment time is in the name. Some of our Six Month Smilers see results in half the time while others occasionally occasionally have to wait a few months longer.

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