There are some dental health gremlins that even the most rigorous of brushing and flossing routines won’t catch.

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Prevention Beats Cure

Plaque, tartar and acids all take their daily toll on teeth. To combat these, there’s no one better prepared than an Ivory Dental hygienist.

We recommend making friends with your hygienist and visiting at least once every few months. They can spot and treat issues like gum disease and plaque buildup before they start causing problems.

You’ll find the full range of dental hygiene services offered here at Ivory Dental – from the pain-free treatment of gum disease to fresh breath treatments, stain removal and scale and polish. Our hygienists also love passing on tips and tricks for keeping teeth and gums healthy between visits.

Our Hygiene Services


Stain Removal

We use gentle air abrasion to rid you of stains and discolouration that brushing won't budge.


Scale and Polish

Gets rid of calculus (tartar) deposits to give your mouth a lasting deep clean you can feel.


Fresh Breath Treatment

Our secret odour-eliminating formula neutralises the source of bad breath and halitosis.


Gum Disease

Pain-free treatment banishes gum disease for good before it becomes a problem.

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