Facial Aesthetics

Lift, fill and shape to roll back the years and reveal a younger you.

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Smile with More than Great Teeth

Ivory Dental’s straightening, whitening and oral health treatments are sure to leave you wanting to show off your smile more. To finish off that feeling of all-over confidence, why not treat yourself to one of our facial aesthetics treatments.

Our team offers dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to refresh and rejuvenate the face, leaving you looking and feeling years younger.

Our Treatments

Dermal fillers bring back lost definition by subtly filling lips, cheeks and other areas that lose youth-giving elasticity over time.

If wrinkles are the worry, our anti-wrinkle injectables erase frowns, as well as getting rid of crow’s feet, laughter lines and other tell-tale signs of ageing.

To find out more about quick and easy facial aesthetics procedures head over to our treatment pages.

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