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Beat sun damage, defy gravity and eradicate signs of ageing.

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Relax and Feel More Youthful

As the years pass by signs of ageing, like  laughter linescrows feetfrown lines and other creases begin to become more apparent.

Botulinum anti-wrinkle injections work by relaxing the muscles which create expression lines and minimising the muscle contractions toproduce a crease-free, more younger looking appearance.

The treatment is so fast, straightforward and painless that clients can drop into the practice for a lunch-hour procedure and still have time to spare to get a meal deal.

How it Works

The treatment is quick, simple and relatively painless.

Following a short assessment to determine which areas of the face cause you the most worry, we will inject into one or more exact locations. There’s no need to worry – you’ll only experience a light prick, a lot like having a flu jab or other injection.

In a few days, you‘ll begin to notice a change withtotally revived appearance in about a fortnight. The results will usually last for six months.

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