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Missing Teeth – Bridge the Gap

If you’ve lost one tooth or even a couple and you don’t really want dentures or dental implants, a bridge is a great natural gap-filler that does not cost as much as you might think.

Just like crowns, a bridge is produced from porcelain. They’re specifically colour matched to adjoining teeth so will look just like a real tooth, or row of teeth. Bridges are fixed to the teeth either side of the gap to keep them in place.

We offer lots of choices and materials, with bridges to accommodate every budget.

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How They Work

Come and see us for a free appointment and we’ll let you know if bridges could be convenient for you. We’ll also chat to you about the options and you can find out about the various materials on offer.

We’ll start off by enhancing the shape of the teeth either side of the opening to ensure they’re up to the job of supporting your new bridge. After that we’ll take an impression of your mouth to allow us to get a secure fit.

Following that, we will fit your bridge. We might give you a temporary one until the finished one is produced in our lab. A couple of quick follow-up visits are all it needs to remove and replace the short-term bridge with its permanent replacement. Then some minor readjustments until it’s comfortable.

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