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Get Your Children Off to a Great Start

A visit to the dentist could be a stressful event for young ones.

One early unpleasant experience is often all it takes to start young children off with a lifetime of dental anxiety and persistent problems.

Here At Ivory Dental, we’ve established a practice where children feel at home right down to the very last detail. You’ll find plenty to keep kids busy in our waiting room, along with a team of warm, friendly and caring staff who are eager to get your nearest and dearest off to the best start.

Ever heard of the story about Carlos Dolmio, the little puppet from Ducklings, St Margaret’s who visited the team? He really liked playing with the toys in the waiting room and checking out the little fish swimming in their tank. You can read about his day below.

Carlos Visits the Dentist

Hello! My name is Carlos Dolmio.

I am 3 years old, and I go to Ducklings at St. Margarets.

Linda, who works at Ivory Dental, comes to see my friends and me at Ducklings.

Linda talks to us about looking after our teeth – she is lovely and friendly. I told my mummy all about Linda, and she thought it would be a good idea for me to visit and have a checkup.

Here I am in the waiting room. I played with the toys and watched the fish swimming in the tank. I liked the silver one best.

Lorna, the dental nurse, took me into a room where Brad the dentist was waiting. I had a ride in his chair – it was magic!


It went up and down and backwards and forwards. Brad had a special light that shone very bright. He told me that it helps him to see and count my sparkly teeth.

Brad made the magic chair go backwards to lay me down. This is easier for Brad to look into my mouth. I wore a bib and ‘cool’ sunglasses (even grown-ups wear them too!).

These were to stop any little bits going in my eyes or on to my clothes. (It’s a good job because I had my new jumper on!) Brad showed me a tiny mirror and counting stick he used to count and check my teeth. This is called a probe.

He asked me to open my mouth really wide – I did.


I looked like a roaring lion - RAH!

Brad counted my teeth. He told me I had 20 clean, healthy teeth – wow!

He even puffed a jet of air onto my teeth to dry them.

That made me giggle – hehe!

Brad used an x-ray machine to take pictures of my teeth, and it was just like having my photograph taken.

Afterwards, Brad let me rinse out my mouth with green water.

It tasted quite nice, but I had to spit it out (like when you brush your teeth) the green water whizzed down the white bowl – whee!


I told Brad that I brush my teeth – with my mummy's help – on a morning and most importantly, before I go to bed.

Brad and Lorna were so pleased that I take care of my teeth that they gave me a Bob the Builder sticker!

Lorna took me back to the waiting room and Caroline the receptionist made me an appointment to see Brad again in 6 months.

That made me giggle – hehe!

I can’t wait!

The next time I went to Ducklings at St. Margaret’s, I dressed up as a Dentist and showed my friends what Brad had done and told them it wasn’t scary at all. Thank you to everyone at Ivory Dental!

Love from



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