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Rediscover the younger looking shape of lips and cheeks for a fuller, more youthful look.

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At the Forefront in the Fight Against Fine Lines and Folds

The skin loses its natural elasticity, hydration and tone, as gravity eventually takes its toll. Cosmetics offer a quick fix and can go some way to re-establishing a youthful appearance, but for longer-lasting results, we really need to go much deeper into the skin’s secondary layer, or dermis.

Dermal injections work by fashioning a much more voluptuous shape, which subsequently rejuvenates the skin’s elasticity– filling and improving deeper lines and wrinkles almost immediately.

How they Work

The beauty about dermal fillers is that they literally take years off in minutes. The treatment is rapid, very easy and– best of all– comparatively painless.

We’ll begin with a quick evaluation of the concerned area ahead of a quick injection to take care of improving elasticity to lips, cheeks and more. The needle won’t hurt any more than a typical vaccination would, however you may feel sensitive for a couple of days after treatment.

The procedure lasts anything from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the quantity of injections. Results will last around six months.

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