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If your idea of dental braces is an unsightly rigid metal appliance that takes years to work, it's time for a rethink.

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Straight Talk on Smiles

Your smile is one of the first things people see, so it makes sense to want to make a good impression.

Never mind what other people think.

Just a little smile fine-tuning can make all the difference to the way you feel- leaving you overflowing with self-confidence and ready to confront whatever life throws at you.

Whether or not it’s a finishing touch for front teeth or an entire orthodontic upgrade to improve more severe bite concerns, Ivory Dental has numerous of options.

We’ll also provide a no cost whitening treatment with every orthodontic procedure to make sure you’re as happy as we are with your new look.

Rethink Everything You Know about Braces

Teeth straightening has come a long way in recent years. We’ve always kept pace with developments, so we can provide loads of options that look effective and don’t get in the way.

It’s true, a few of our fixed straighteners continue to depend on tried-and-tested wires and brackets. Though the low profile, tooth-coloured and transparent materials make them barely visible.

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Lesley`s Before & Afters

For totally camouflaged straightening, new lingual braces fix perfectly behind the teeth where even those closest to you won’t spot.

If though, you prefer to remove your brace completely, removable clear aligners could be the solution. They straighten out teeth quickly, and it takes super-sharp vision to detect them at work.

Each of the possibilities add up to one thing: Whether you want to straighten teeth secretly in just six months, focus on a few front teeth or spend a little more time on comprehensive front-to-back treatment, we’ve got you sorted.

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