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When teeth let you down, it’s difficult to discover reasons to smile. Let’s look after that for you.

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New Smile. New You

If you’ve stopped to read this, you may be wondering about taking the first step towards repairing years of dental neglect, or even thinking how to start such a daunting procedure.

For a smile makeover, we use every available procedure to design for you, a bespoke treatment, to restore teeth to their original splendour, helping you to uncover your long-lost smile.

To many of  our Ivory Dental customers, smile makeovers are more than just skin-deep – they’re a life-changing treatment.

Case studies

Helen`s Before & Afters

Mark`s Before & Afters

How They Work

First of all we’ll begin by looking into what concerns you most. Then we’ll uncover all available methods and put together a one-of-a- kind treatment plan that’s specific to you. We restore missing teeth with crowns, bridges or dental implants and use cosmetic bonding or veneers to enhance and fill as well as sculpt. To finish, we will correct, align, straighten and whiten to accomplish that smile perfection.

We realise with so many possibilities on offer, a smile makeover can feel a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ll chat to you about the options and use the latest tech imaging to create an accurate picture to show you what the finished result will look like before beginning the procedure.

Putting you in control of your treatment plan, every step of the way.

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  • First-class results every time
  • All the latest dental technology
  • Often get referrals from other dental clinics
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